Remedy Kombucha Cherry Plum

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Remedy Kombucha is a traditional fermented beverage. Our long age, small batch brews ensure our final product is sugar-free and contains high concentrations of organic acids. These are the same important metabolites produced by your healthy gut bacteria that improve digestion and boost your immune system. Some competitors brew in large tanks, for very short periods of time, and use kombucha extracts instead of the ‘real deal’. Remedy never compromises on quality.

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Remedy Kombucha: Features & Benefits

• “I Quit Sugar” recommended • Soy free
• Vegan Friendly
• Egg free

• Nut free

• 100% Natural

• Raw & unpasteurised

• Made with organic tea leaves • Certified organic by ACO
• 100% GMO free
• Hydration

• Rich in anti-oxidants
• Dairy Free
• Lactose Free
• Helps the gut repopulate

• Contains probiotics that
aid digestion with good bacteria